Reg. No.: 137/Ajmer/2003-2004
+91-9910 790 632

Women Children Welfare And Rural Development Society (WARDS) is a Non-Profit Organisation located in town of Kishangarh District Ajmer State Rajasthan.
WARDS established under registration of society act in year 2003, with Reg. No.: 137/Ajmer/2003-2004

Office Bearers

Dr. Shweta Laddha


Mrs. Anju Sharma


Mahesh Kumawat


Project Areas

Villages in and around Kishangarh of Ajmer District of Rajasthan State covering more than 38 villages in Srinagar and Silora Blocks.

Our Vision

  • Empowerment of deprived and vulnerable section through awareness and knowledge Providing Methodology.
  • Growth and development of community through continuous efforts.

Missions and concerns

Sustainable development of community through:

  • Marginalisation, Subordination and Direction for mutual benefits
  • Women and Girl Child Empowerment
  • To Raise quality of life in Community
  • Multidimensional Action Program
  • Natural Resources Conservation


  • Community based development
  • Targeting Low Female Literacy Rates
  • Promoting Girl Child Education
  • Health Promotion of Women and Child
  • Proper Utilization of Natural Resources

Natural Resources Conservation

  • Rain Water Harvesting Systems, Water shades etc.
  • Educating Villagers for sprinkle method of Irrigations
  • Plantation
  • Promotion of energy conservations methods: Enhancement of Bio-Fuels, Solar Energy


Brief profile of Governing Board members:- As on 06 July 2015

S.No. Name Post in Wards
1 Mr Shanker Singh Rawat
s/o Mr ShyojiSingh Rawat
2 Dr Shweta Laddha
w/o Mr Rakesh Laddha
3 Mrs Anju Sharma
w/o Late Dr KC Sharma
4 Mr Mahesh Kumar
s/o Mr KIshanLal
5 Mrs Vimla Vaishnav
w/o Late Mr Kanhaiyalal Vaishnav
6 Ms Manju Sobhani
D/o Mr Madhavdas Sobhani
7 Mr Sumit Kumawat
s/o Ratanlal Kumawat
8 Dr Smita Dhandha
w/o Mr Manish k Dhandha
9 Dr Abhishek Dadich
s/o Late Dr K C Sharma
10 Mr Vijay Singh
s/o Laxman Singh

Focus Areas

  • Women and Girl Child Empowerment through Education.
  • Women's Health related issues especially Reproductive Health.
  • Child Development and Basic Human Rights.
  • Income generation for Women through Credit Societies.
  • Rural Employment and Skill Development.
  • Leadership Development among Rural Population.
  • Water and Natural Resources Conservation.
  • Awareness, Coordination and Implementation of Development Policies.
  • Beneficial Programs for Farmers. Agricultural Reforms, Irrigation, Crop Management.
  • Improvement in lives of handicapped and deprived old citizens.
  • Sanitation & Hygiene Programs and Clean Environmental Programs Governance.